One of the most important ministries in any fellowship is that of Christian Education.  This has been a vital ministry at HWT for many years, and this is just as true today.  In fact, to meet the increasing challenge of a changing society and increased church growth, this ministry is the midst of a paradigm shift… that is, changing to ensure that the ministry is a viable, relevant ministry to all who come to HWT.   We hope that you will read on to discover what is envisioned for this ministry, and that you will consider becoming a committed participant. In II Timothy 2:15, we are admonished to be diligent to study the scriptures and to accurately “handle” the Word of Truth.  That is what the Christian Education ministry is all about at HWT.  Our desire is to facilitate the growth and maturing of students of God’s Word, and we feel the Lord’s heart in desiring that all of His children be diligent to study, accurately handle, and to obey His Word.  The goals and objectives of this ministry are as follows:

  • Making disciples of all people, according to Matt. 28:19-20

  • Equipping the men and women of God for good works, according to II Timothy 3:16-17 & Ephesians 4:11-12

  • Serving our church family and our community by offering opportunities for all believers, whether new or seasoned or somewhere in the middle, to be able to accurately handle the Word of Truth, according to II Timothy 2:15

  • To help train fellow believers to be able to minister the Word, using their Spirit-given and anointed gifts, outside of the “four walls” of HWT, according to Acts 1:8

  • Help to carry the vision of HWT through a thorough grounding of our members in Christian doctrine, values and ethics according to John 7:16, Acts 5:42, Col. 1:28, II Tim. 1:13 & Titus 2:7

  • Helping our brothers and sisters move to new levels of maturity in Christ, according to Hebrews 6:1

  • Being a part of helping our brothers and sisters to find their God-appointed purpose and destiny, according to Ephesians 2:10

  • Giving ourselves to serve the Lord through His anointing, that He may bless them and multiply them, according to the Kingdom principle of sowing and reaping

  • To provide settings in which HWT members and attendees can develop deeper personal relationships with one another, according to Acts 2:42 & I John 1:7

  • To encourage and support all who come to HWT to become impassioned about learning, especially related to direct biblical teaching, church doctrine, and Christian principles.  WE also desire seeing people become enthused about other knowledge that would be practical, and that could be applied to improve people’s lives, according to Proverbs 1:5 & 9:9, as well as Daniel 1:4,17

Sunday School at HWT

     Each Sunday morning at HWT, at 9:00 a.m., classes for all ages begin. There is something for everyone. Dedicated teachers facilitate these classes in ways that are relevant, meaningful, and interesting.
We encourage you to join us each week to learn more of God’s Word, and to fellowship with like-minded believers! The following classes are offered:
Ages 0 – 3: Cradle Roll & Nursery
Ages 4 – 5: Pre-K & Kindergarten
Ages 6 – 7: Grades 1 & 2
Ages 8 – 11: Grades 3, 4, & 5
Ages 12 – 14: Grades 6, 7, & 8 (Middle School)
Ages 15 – 18: Grades 9, 10, 11, & 12 (High School)
Young Married Adults Class (Ages 18 – 35)
Senior Men’s Class
Senior Ladies’ Class


Hi-Way Tabernacle Bible School
An affiliate of Berean School of the Bible and of Global University

     HWT has been selected to be an official Study Center for Berean School of the Bible and Global University, both of which are in Springfield, Missouri. We offer opportunities for both HWT members and interested non-members to access professional coursework for those who desire to study and learn in-depth about the Bible and church ministry. Both Berean and Global courses are distance-learning courses. They can be taken by correspondence or on-line. Berean courses can lead to church ministry certification, and even ordination. However, they are not for college credit. There is no major qualifying criteria for enrolling in Berean. Global University, on the other hand, is an accredited college that offers a full four-year program, and even graduate courses and degrees. There are some entrance requirements for Global. While our experience to this point has been facilitating non-college courses, we are qualified to sponsor anyone wishing to enroll in Global University.
     The Berean course of study, as mentioned above, can lead to certification in various areas of church ministry, and can meet preparation qualifications for ministerial ordination. On the other hand, some choose to take courses simply to increase in their knowledge of the Bible. HWT Bible School facilitates one’s participation in several ways: (1.) we register students for classes and handle the course paperwork between the student and Berean, (2) we order textbooks and study guides for each course, and (3.) we facilitate study groups to assist students by discussing lessons and mentoring. A student can choose to take courses at the same time as others, and take advantage of study groups, or they can move at their own faster pace if they are trying to be on a fast-track to receive certification and/or ordination.

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